The After Life

The semester is ending; I am almost done with the examinations.

Been boggled about what is next,

What next after university.

What should one be doing as they wait anxiously for the final results that will determine whether they will graduate or not….

Well, it is now more about the title and graduating that matters most than the life after that because still, it is unknown.

The economy has managed to play that part quite well,

No companies to accommodate us all,

No stable economy,

No JOBS!!!

The song has been sung over and over but still no jobs.


It is a feeling filled up with mixed emotions for most part fours, at least most of my colleagues.

It is nice to finish varsity because of the stressful assignments but then what next…

Most companies are not employing, story of every Zimbabwean.

Staying at home and just waiting is not ideal also.

Year in and year out thousands graduate and most graduates only hope for a better future.

Amidst the uncertainties of life hope is not lost, hope that our government will eventually act and do something to cater for the thousands of unemployed graduates around Zimbabwe.

But just like the afterlife, it remains unknown…






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