Politics in Zimbabwean Football?

By Sindiso Nyathi

Just a few days ago Highlanders Football Club were summoned by Minister of Sports and at the meeting present were representatives from Zifa, PSL and Highlanders. The meeting was set to try and identify the causes to the continued acts of violence in the local football games especially matches involving Bosso as witnessed in the recent games. The meeting produced some resolutions and conclusions that are set to show the changes in our football.

Seems both the Minister of Sports, Psl, Zifa and Highlanders agreed that the causes of the mishaps in our football is the individuals who come to watch these matches drunk. They all agreed that the solution to this is to ensure that alcohol will not be sold in or around the stadium. However, one is left with questions is this the best solution we can attach to our problems?

In my own view I don’t think alcohol is the cause to all this nonsense, just like the legend Alois Bunjira says alcohol was banned in football ages ago surely there has to be something bigger than that. You would ask yourself why or where we are failing? Have we become so afraid that we can’t tackle the problems head-on? Is the Zimbabwe Justice system so weak that we cannot make good examples from these hooligans? I am certain elsewhere in the world if you are caught in the wrong side of the law the punishment is so stiff you would feel the effects right into the future.bosso fans vio

The violence and Hooliganism in our football especially in matches involving Highlanders and Dynamos is surely influenced by something bigger than just bad calls by the referees, or ‘poor’ administration by different football stakeholders. Even the media shows it clearly the effects of environmental belonging that causes these problems, there are just too many discourses that influence the unfortunate events that we see in our beautiful game. Is it political? Are we still failing to get over the historical ethnic differences?

We need to tackle the causes of these problems head-on surely we need to appreciate the power that lies within the new media technologies so many people saw the messages on insults from one ethnic group to the other. There has to be a way of removing such things in our beautiful game.


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