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Politics in Zimbabwean Football?

By Sindiso Nyathi

Just a few days ago Highlanders Football Club were summoned by Minister of Sports and at the meeting present were representatives from Zifa, PSL and Highlanders. The meeting was set to try and identify the causes to the continued acts of violence in the local football games especially matches involving Bosso as witnessed in the recent games. The meeting produced some resolutions and conclusions that are set to show the changes in our football.

Seems both the Minister of Sports, Psl, Zifa and Highlanders agreed that the causes of the mishaps in our football is the individuals who come to watch these matches drunk. They all agreed that the solution to this is to ensure that alcohol will not be sold in or around the stadium. However, one is left with questions is this the best solution we can attach to our problems?

In my own view I don’t think alcohol is the cause to all this nonsense, just like the legend Alois Bunjira says alcohol was banned in football ages ago surely there has to be something bigger than that. You would ask yourself why or where we are failing? Have we become so afraid that we can’t tackle the problems head-on? Is the Zimbabwe Justice system so weak that we cannot make good examples from these hooligans? I am certain elsewhere in the world if you are caught in the wrong side of the law the punishment is so stiff you would feel the effects right into the future.bosso fans vio

The violence and Hooliganism in our football especially in matches involving Highlanders and Dynamos is surely influenced by something bigger than just bad calls by the referees, or ‘poor’ administration by different football stakeholders. Even the media shows it clearly the effects of environmental belonging that causes these problems, there are just too many discourses that influence the unfortunate events that we see in our beautiful game. Is it political? Are we still failing to get over the historical ethnic differences?

We need to tackle the causes of these problems head-on surely we need to appreciate the power that lies within the new media technologies so many people saw the messages on insults from one ethnic group to the other. There has to be a way of removing such things in our beautiful game.


Referees killing our football!

By Sindiso Nyathi

I don’t need to be a qualified sport analyst or a rocket scientist for me to note that Zimbabwean football referees are just failures!

Over the years we have cried foul of violence and hooliganism in our football matches and fingers have been pointed to different football stakeholders as it has been blame after blame. The question often asked is what really stimulates such unruly behavior and match officials are the leading culprits. Football fans don’t throw missiles for fun rather the attachment one has to their beloved team is so big they can’t hold it back.

So many people have argued that the reason why there is hooliganism and violence in our football is that fans attend football matches drunk. However, i beg to differ in some areas in the world alcohol is sold in stadiums and this is a good way for the home teams to make money only because alcohol sells regardless of where you are or the time of the day. Surely we need to move with times lets allow development in our sport takes its course. The premier league is sponsored by castle, for other stakeholders to say drunkenness is the cause to crowd problems we face in the stadia is a slap in the face of the sponsors.

There is need for everyone who is involved in the beautiful game play their part in coming up with lasting solutions to these problems. There is need for the referees committee to ensure that they deploy “match-fit” officials. The referees refresher course isn’t enough to determine referees ability to handle matches day in day out. If a referee makes a bad call let the public know what punishment was laid against them.

The Platinum miners top the league, as Bosso stumbles!

by Sindiso Nyathi

NGEZI Platinum and FC Platinum have topped the league after a 100% positive performance to earn 6 points out of a possible 6 in the race to 2017 championship. The platinum miners both managed to secure maximum points in the match-day two fixtures as FC Platinum hosted Bantu Rovers beating them by 3-2 whilst Ngezi Platinum humbled Hwange at the Colliery by 3 goals to nil.

As the top two teams secured their spot on top, Highlanders who were the weekend’s favourite to collect maximum points were beaten by the new-boys Shabanie Mine at home. Bosso fans who feel that they were cheated of a clear goal when Rodrick Mutuma’s attempt was ruled offside blame the loss much on the officials.

“Referees are costing us we pay our monies so that we watch interesting football, if we are to lose let us lose fairly we cannot have referees deciding the outcome of the match.” said a visibly angry fan.

bosso fans vio
Bosso fans protesting

Ngezi Platinum host How Mine, while FC Platinum are away to Chicken Inn. The two will be looking at extending their unbeaten run in the league this season. Highlanders will hope to pick themselves up as they play away to Harare City who are yet to win a game this season.

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2017 Psl Season kicks off!

by Sindiso Nyathi

The Castle Lager Premier Soccer League 2017 season blessed by the chief sponsor delta beverages with a sponsorship package of over three million four hundred thousand dollars is set to start. The season kicks off with interesting fixtures lined up for the first weekend of April. The tough fixtures lined up have coaches, players and fans in anticipating a good first impression in their first day of the long football season.

The new kids Black Rhinos, Shabanie Mine, Yadah FC and Bantu Rovers look at starting the league by stamping their names in the presence books.

The 2017 season sees football fans enjoying lots of football after 4 teams were promoted from all the division one regions and only 2 teams being demoted after a standoff between ZIFA and PSL leading to such a resolution.

The 2016 champions Caps United will play away to Shabanie Mine whilst, FC Platinum lock horns with Dynamos FC. Matchday one will also see Highlanders play hosts to city rivals Bulawayo City at Barbourfields Stadium.

Matchday 1 fix


Why our Football?

by Sindiso Nyathi

There is blurred line between the genius behind positive development and sanity in football administration success, the only determining metric is success. When the idea of FIFA club licensing was brought to life in our local football milieu it seemed a noble idea coming from geniuses. However, the execution has brought about mixed feelings on its validity. Are we really going the right direction? Many would ask!

As the 2017 premier league season starts in a few days to come, some football clubs find themselves homeless as their respective home grounds are deemed ‘unfit’. Some football arenas including one of the biggest in the country, Barbourfields Stadium, went under inspection and were red-lined. With a few days left to kickoff how on earth will local authorities finish the required task? Anywhere, why do it now? One may find themselves with more questions than answers.

The pressing issue is: with the harsh economic conditions in the country is it really a good move to venture in this? Football clubs do not have a financial backing that is directed to the infrastructure that they use. It is to everyone’s “need to know” what happens to the monies that local authorities cash-in after every football event? What happens to the money that clubs are charged for pitch invasion and violence in football and all the other fines on clubs?

Dr. Phillip Chiyangwa

The ZIFA president, Dr. Phillip Chiyangwa, who has recently made an impact in the international football circles has set the ground running with strict club licensing measures set on each and every of the 18 premier soccer league clubs. The ZIFA boss recently enforced that every ZIFA affiliate abides to the FIFA club licensing requirements like the qualifications in the top league coaches, full-time club administrative personnel (with media officers), and the infrastructure. Some clubs have made an effort to meet these ‘expectations’ and we hope for the best!