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Internet Marketing key for your business.

By Sineke Sibanda

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates.

Over time, Gates’ words have been gathering moss, pointing to the fact that the future we are headed towards will be determined more by the internet than anything else.

There is so much activity that happens online now, such that most businesses can not doInternetSales.jpg without. Just to carry out an x-ray assessment of this claim; consider how banks, mobile networks, clothing retail stores and gadgets that we now buy or access their services from the comfort of our homes. This simply points to how the world of business has been significantly reconfigured, but the question is, what does it mean to you?

It may simply mean that if you decide to keep your invention off the internet, you definitely will be certain that there is little that invention will do to the world beyond your reach.

So to be quite honest, there has to be a way you can turn your innovation into something bigger and better.

packagepricing.jpgThe internet now offers a number of answers to different questions, why cant your innovation be also seen in the list of answers. Probably a lot of advantages you know them and there has been a lot of articles written and awash on the web as to how to ‘neticise’ (putting it on the net) your business.

I will not do that again but all I can say hear is that one of the reasons we are really not marketing our businesses online from this end of the world (Africa) is normally because we lack confidence in our creations. We are not sure if it’s the right answer, if it’s the correct innovation, if people will welcome it well.

I have heard lots of testimonies and testified to a number of unfortunate instances personally but the honest truth is, just do what you have to do. Its gonna be scary at first but I mean, cease the moment, be confident and just do it. Do you still care about what people really have to say, that ain’t gonna bring the money you have been looking for, just do what you have to do.


So Google got scammed! What about me?


I read an article Facebook and Google admitted to be being scammed online up to $100 million. The two are arguably the biggest technology companies on earth and they fell victim to scam by a Lithuanian man. They just announced they recouped their funds obviously because they are powerhouses of the internet but what if I get scammed, I sure am not the biggest technology company how on earth will I ever get my money back??. This should definitely make you start to think about your security online.

In this new era where we are adopting Econet master cards and of course the cash crisis where the laggards (sorry if you one them) have started living a cashless life news of Google are very frightening.  I don’t want to be the next victim.

So the Google and Facebook scamming happened and they have their money back now, but this just proved that internet safety is still at owner’s risk. I’m not advocating for back treading, quite the contrary I am a firm believer in cashless transactions. There is a lot to be gained when money is not kept under the mattress that same money can be loaned to someone like you and me to grow my business or for you to invest in yourself while the owner is not currently using and they can gain it back whenever they want it. The scam is teaching us that just like thieves breaking into your local grocery store it can happen to anyone and we should stay guarded. Preventing some scams is your own job. Don’t put easy to crack password, thoroughly assess who you deal with and of don’t give out your information because it’s a crazy out here someone somewhere is always trying to end you.

Let’s share stories of stories of internet scams that we’ve heard of to help each other below, till the next one stay secure.

50 shadeS of BEAUTY


Beauty is no quality in things themselves. It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty. One person may even perceive deformity, where another is sensible of beauty; and every individual ought to acquiesce in his own sentiment, without pretending to regulate those of others. (Hume 1757, 136)

You and I know it well that new media technologies have spoon-fed girls with the idea that they can only be beautiful if they have long legs, great hair, and curves in all the right places. Why do we let other people define for us what beauty is instead of defining it ourselves? We have become individuals is vagrant docility who think new media technologies offer solutions to all our problems.

50 shades of beauty

We have to face it with the naked eye; it is not outrageous to say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is subjective. However, due to the influence of new media technologies that have brought with them this disease called identity crisis, in many people’s minds, there exist distorted versions of what defines beauty.

There has been democratisation of beauty lately if you have to search the Internet. What we define as beauty is what social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others have defined for us. Most people have come to believe that beauty is defined by skin colour and some have even gone to the extent of buying dangerous face chemicals without considering the after effects which might even result in loss of life all in the name of becoming a “yellow bone.’ Some of the face chemicals advertised online are not even effective but sold by ‘consumeristic’ individuals who exploit other individuals to make money.

Well Internet media sites like You-tube, Facebook you name it tend to define beauty by focusing their attention on models and unattainable standards of perfection. You will realise that that more than ever before most women tend to define beauty from women they see while scrolling through social media.

While we busy chasing after this beauty that has been defined for us in social media sites, we should keep in mind that the portrayal of women on social media is ‘unrealistic.’ Just stand in front of the mirror and take a look at yourself from head to toe and from toe to head. That is the real definition of beauty.



behind the camera

The camera has become the extension of our eyes and imagination. Human beings can now see and relate to what is happening in many countries around the world. Well I am not talking about anything new. Even the mobile phones that we possess have got cameras that we use to take selfies. The camera sees everything in front of it hence the power of technology. Behind the camera are untold stories of our life experiences. Well my story begins like this……….

It is just the beginning of summer in the small village of Seoul, South Korea where Leah (40), the wife to Junpyo (45) is sitting on the verandah of their house. You can see through her eyes that her mind is wandering far away. A sense of guilt and pain is sweeping through her mind as she still regrets what she had done. She was clasping her hands together as if in prayer, praying that baby Park Haien would understand she had no choice as those were desperate times.

Though some of the events that happened are still blur to her, she has not forgotten how her bundle of joy turned into a nightmare. As she is sitting there by the verandah, she recalls how jovial she felt when she got pregnant with her first born baby at the age of 40, at a time when she was pessimistic that she would ever have a child of her own. Three weeks after the baby was born, Junpyo had suggested that they visit China to celebrate the birth of their baby Park Haien.

They had not travelled more than 100m when their car just stopped in the middle of the road and suddenly the baby started crying. Smoke could be seen coming out of the engine and the car started producing sounds of a screeching tyre. Junpyo got out of the car to check what had gone wrong and was surprised that the smoke that was coming from the engine had suddenly disappeared when he opened the car engine. He also checked if there were other faults and found none. The journey continued and the baby also stopped crying.

A few minutes later, Leah gained consciousness after hearing a voice of a baby crying in great pain only to discover that their car had crashed on a tree along the road. Park Haien was lying three feet away from her. She already knew what had transpired but could not recall how it occurred. She quickly grabbed her baby Park Haein trying to calm her down but all her efforts were in vain because she was badly injured. Junpyo lay unconscious beside their car which was now in flames. Leah quickly called an ambulance which took them to the small hospital of Seoul village called Kirin.

She felt as if someone had given her a death penalty when the nurses told her that   both Junpyo and Park Haein suffered internal injuries and needed surgery in a jiffy. Sadly there was one doctor in the hospital and it was impossible for the doctor to save Park Haein and Junpyo at the same time. The fate of her husband and her innocent baby lay in her hands; hence a sacrifice had to be made. After a long internal conflict she signed the papers. She thought it was best to save Junpyo, the only relative she had ever known her whole life, at the same time it broke her heart that she sacrificed her innocent baby whom she had been anticipating for a long time.

Up to this day, Leah can see and hear baby Park Haein’s little voice crying out loud in her dreams begging her to save her little soul. She just wishes Park Haien moves on and stop haunting her. It becomes more catastrophic because Junpyo then passed on after one month of surgery. She is still sitting by the verandah with tears flowing from her eyes as this incident  always bring her miserable memories. Fate will determine what is going to happen to her as she is now left alone without anyone to console her.

 I gave out a sigh of relief and saw myself smiling after shooting the last pages of my script ‘DEAD END’ after a long tussle. I had confidence that this film I was producing was going to be a hit. As I prepare to go home after a long day, in my mind I am just thinking indeed great film directors exist on this planet. I could not help but admire the vital role played by the camera in my day to day activities as a film director.

This is my own untold story that the camera has told. The camera has become the voice of the voiceless. It seems like everything revolves around technology nowadays.



Digital technology and smartphones in particular have transformed many aspects of our society, including how people seek out and establish romantic relationships. With the rise of social media like WhatsApp and Facebook among others, we have seen the rise of online dating hence we can say there has been an ‘online dating zeitgeist.’  Online dating  is a way of starting a romantic relationship on the internet, by giving information about yourself or replying to someone else’s information. We have seen online dating sites like Twoo, DatingVIP and


Well there are two sides to every story. Some individuals think that online dating is the best thing that technologies have ever brought and some think online dating is the worst nightmare they have ever experienced. Let’s hear what the youth of today have to say about the’ baeism’ online.

Unny Mags ‘Well I think online dating is not a good thing because there are pseudo characters online. You won’t be able to know whether the person you are chatting with is a real character or a crazy individual who is just bored and is trying to get rid of his boredom by creating imagined characters to scam people. That is very scandalous’

Evans Bond    ‘I think online dating is a good thing because there is a high possibility of you meeting someone you love with dating sites whereby you can specify what kind of people you wanna interact with  and you get feedback. So I can say online dating has broken up boundaries in the manner that someone gets to interact with individuals of other nationalities and these relationships that come out can even lead to marriage. However on one hand, I think online dating is dangerous as people can scam you’

Leanda   ‘Online dating is not good because you can find yourself interacting with the wrong people as you may fall into the trap of Satanists. Let’s face it, most individuals online use fake names and I can say online relationships are just imagined relationships where imagined individuals meet online  talking about imagined lifestyles’

Sihle  ‘ To me online dating is a good thing that has ever happened because it is through online dating sites like Twoo that I met my boyfriend and up until now we are still in a relationship and I am happy about it’

Well I couldn’t have said it better myself, people have got different points of view in as much as online dating is concerned. We can make it a subject of discussion along the corridors.

Fake news : Whats that all about?

by Andile Khumalo

In the past months the idea of fake news has been making headlines, it sounds like a new phenomenon but far from it, this trend is as old as the development of new media. Of major interest however is how this trend has grown since the spread of social media particularly WhatsApp and how many of us can spot it?

fake newsfake news

So today we are gonna be exploring a few facts about how to spot Fake news” online.

What is fake news ?

This is to put it bluntly false information or news stories usually written by non professional journalists and they are written by what we call trolls.

How do I spot it?

Good question… So after being involved with journalism for the past 4 years I have a couple tricks on how to spot fake news am just gonna give you a few red alerts.

Story sounds too good to be true.

If it’s a story like ‘’ Zimbabweans to get free visa travel to the USA”   Weigh for yourself why America would just make such a decision if you can’t find a suitable reason u know its as fake as they come.

Pops up from nowhere

So i know we have all seen this on Facebook, you’re busy scrolling a timeline chatting with your friends you see an interesting link shared by your one of your friends and click, before you know it multiple tabs are opening , a voice is speaking,,, hold it right there because you are now walking on fake news territory. What you are reading is a fake news site.

Too big a story to miss but you’re hearing it a day late

Honestly if there is to be a story like that ‘President Mugabe died yesterday afternoon” or “Beyonce divorces Jay Z” and you’re hearing it today morning it’s probably a lie. A breaking story of such magnitude would have reached you literally minutes after it was announced. None of us is leaving under a rock here, so there is no justification we would take that long to know a breaking news.

Poor structuring

So you read a story and can not follow what it is about first paragraph … second paragraph.. third para…wooooh stop right there because you just encountered fake news. Remember as journalists we spend four years in school learning how to write and we have reputations to maintain, so there is no way we would give you such nonsense to you. If you read a poor story chances are it was written by non professional angered by something,, so advice,, read with caution.

So from the ways i mentioned on how to spot it i guess its clear how do avoid getting misinformed by fake news. One great word of advice do not click the link of a site you have never heard of because its likely to be a troll site. On your Whats App feed just skip anything sounding too good to be true or too big but too late because it most certainly is fake.   After reading this you’ve been saved numerous hours wasted every week on App reading the “fakest” of news.

See you on the next one and keep the conversation below on the where else you now realise you were being bombarded with fake news

Keeping on the loop or Crazy?


After a very stressful day with my school work, I open YouTube to watch some funny clips and refresh as we all do more we are allowed to, and boom on the trends is the new video for Run Up On You by Major Lazor featuring Nicki Minaj and PartyNextDoor. I click quickly click because it’s a summery hit electronic tinged dancehall beat which is sure to uplift me  from this bore I am experiencing. The video is set on a house party and ‘its hella turn up’ everything is popping and it seems normal till I notice one abnormality.

Everyone is on their phone.

You would think a party is the antidote to our smartphone addiction because there is everyone we are normally chattering with through day but not at all.  In the video they are partying the best way they know how but no one is only just dancing, because they snapping and uploading at the very same time.


This made ask myself one whether this is where we are now as humans?????? And so I started digging to see how crazy we’ve really become.  The first thing I type on Google is how many times do people touch their phone a day, presuming somewhere around a couple of hundred times as most of you are assuming right now. Am sorry to burst your bubble right but YOU are way past normalcy. I think the best word to use her is CRAZY.


According to multiple researches the ordinary smartphone owner touches their phone an average of 2 172 time in a single day. Practically we spend every minute on our phone which leaves no time for face to face interaction. The only solution there is to multi-task and Major Lazer are representing the best way possible to deal with this social problem.

With such figures are we even living any more??? Lets continue the discussion down below what do you figure should be the solution to this? #BanPhonesAtParties