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WOMEN IN ADS: Effects of framing women in a negative way

 | By Tatenda Gapare

Advertising is seen as the most influential form of socialisation in modern society because it is persuasive and is repeated many times. According to Jhally (1987) advertising displays a preoccupation with gender that is hardly matched in any other genre as men and women are assigned different roles in advertisements. Many advertising agencies frame women in a negative way and all this exposure has significant effects.

Negative advertisements may influence people in society to believe that women are unable to make decisions or exert power in an environment outside home. This is fueled by the representation of women in media advertisements. This might cause negative perception on the women’s ability to perform competently.  According to Chron women can suffer from serious psychological blows from the subtle and pervasive effects of advertising aimed at them.

“Women often appear wanton, passive and childlike in advertisements sending a message that such qualities are normal and even desirable in women. Even more disturbing men receive the message that women should act submissive and wanton and come to expect that in their relationship with the opposite sex,” said Robert Vaux.

Advertisements have encouraged women to be submissive and dress provocatively. These adverts don’t only catch the eye of the opposite sex but it has negative effects on the women as well. According to the destructive advertisement, there are type of commercials that lead little girls, teenagers and women in general to feel bad about what they look like themselves and have a negative self-image.

Framing women in a negative way has many effects, according to destructive advertisements it can create anxiety for both men and women by actively portraying men as hyper-masculine and women as ultra-thin, they can lead to individuals engaging in anorexia, bulimia and over-exertion at the gym in