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‘Bluetooth’ obsession

bluetooth drug addiction 2


Forget about Bluetooth which is a codeless technological application usually used for the transfer of files from any electronic device to another over short distances.

Bluetooth is now a term differently used to refer to the withdrawal of blood from one drug addict to another immediately after taking some drugs so as to share the ‘high’ when it is still strong and effective. A drug addict is an individual who suffers from a brain disease that is categorised by uncontrollable drug intake regardless of damaging effects presented by continual abuse of drugs.

Drug addicts are at great risk of contracting negative health conditions. Some of the consequences of youth substance abuse include: overdoses, physical disabilities, injuries due to accidents, depression, mental health problems, the spread of HIV and AIDS through the practice of unsafe sex and through the sharing of unsterile drug injections.

However, now the new drug mania ‘Bluetooth’ also accelerates the exposure of drug users to negative health implications of substance abuse.

This ‘blue tooth’ drug obsession is more like a brother looking out for another brother. Some days are dark to the extent that the one who is able to purchase the drugs on a particular day feels they cannot let one of their own languish from the agony of failing to feed their addiction, thus they scratch each other’s backs through retraction of blood from the one who has just fed his addiction so as to share the high.

This sharing of high increases the chances of exposure to blood diseases such as HIV, hepatitis etc to these drug users.

What is to note from most substance abusers is the fact that most young adults are led to the frustration of using drugs by different socio-economic and political reasons. They turn to drugs as their source of comfort. At that particular point in time it is the only thing which seems to make them feel better about whatever predicament they are in and it is the only thing which understands and is not judgemental towards them.

The best thing that that one can do for themselves is to face their problems head-on. No matter the problem nothing is impossible. Someone once wrote’ we  are our greatest enemy.’