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Misconceptions women hold about dieting

By Lisa Masuku

Picture taken from the internet

When most women hear or talk about the word ‘diet.’ they are quick to think about starving themselves so as to loss, but can it be conceptualised and confined to weight loss.

People in generally not just women confuse losing weight with being healthy. Losing weight does not classify one as a healthy being. It is common for people to lose weight and be malnourished because they have limited their food intake through the practise of unhealthy eating habits.  Limiting one’s meals to once a day in the name of dieting can cause malnutrition. As such, for an individual to be said to be eating healthy, it’s about balancing the amount of nutrients needed by the body through the intake of a balanced diet.

 Dieting is the practise of eating and drinking a selection of healthy foodstuffs following a structured system so as to lose weight or control a medical condition.

 Furthermore, the tendency by women to starve themselves in the name of dieting has detrimental effects to their health. It is an unhealthy practise which can lead to certain eating disorder. The eating disorders are fuelled by the need to be slender like because the media constantly portrays it as the ‘it look.’

When women develop eating disorder all in the name of dieting through skipping meals in order to go hungry as a way of limiting the amount of food intake into their body systems it can lead to diseases like anorexia and bulimia nervosa.

Anorexia is an unhealthy eating habit which develops due to an obsession to lose weight. Most women who are obsessed with losing weight end up damaging their body systems and usually women who suffer from anorexia end up with a skeletal look instead of the slim look which they so wanted. People with anorexia nervosa force themselves to vomit each time after eating. They do not want any food to be stored in their body because they do not want to be fat.