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How to Respond to Sexual Harassment On Campus

Sexual harassment is against the law and each tertiary institution is obliged by the Zimbabwean constitution to  create a safe campus for its students.’ Below are some steps you can take if you’re / you have experienced sexual harassment on campus.

by Tam’sanqa Mhepoh | @ndebeleshona | List / How-to

  1. Tell the harasser to stop. Promptly let a person know that his or her behavior makes you uncomfortable. Do not mince words – use precise language stating that you want the harassment to stop immediately.
  2. Document the abuse. Write down what happened, when it occurred, the names of anyone who witnessed the harassment, and how it affected you. If you are mistreated on separate occasions, record every instance. Document the abuse as quickly as possible so details remain fresh in your mind.
  3. Consider confronting the harasser via a letter. In this letter, include a factual summary of what happened, how you felt and a straightforward request that the behavior never occur again. Keep a copy for your records; it can prove a powerful piece of evidence if you must ultimately involve authorities.
  4. Report the harassment. Check your colleges’ policies and procedures for reporting sexual harassment. Higher education officials are legally required to follow up on your report. You might also wish to make a police report.
  5. Tell someone. It’s important to tell at least one other person about the harassment. It can help to talk about the incident with a trusted friend, family member, or faculty member. If you find it difficult to get past the abuse, look into counseling services at your school’s health center.
  6. Do not blame yourself. You did nothing wrong, and you are not to blame for the incident. The law is designed to protect you from harassment – anything less than full protection is not acceptable. As you pursue your options, stay firm in your conviction that you and other students at your school deserve to be safe and feel comfortable on campus.

If Nothing Has Changed : take legal action.

Ultimately, if no action motivates your college to adequately address sexual harassment you’ve experienced, or if you believe a school enables a culture of harassment, you can sue the institution. Sometimes just the threat of legal action can compel schools to act more rigorously to redress past or continuing sexual harassment.

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