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Making it to college single handedly

by Samantha Kuboni

The journey set before her was not an easy one but surely one she was prepared to sail through, through thick and thin.

When she received her Advanced level grades she was trigger happy because they were remarkable. She had the second highest grades at school. She was ecstatic about it and she looked forward to the future.

Alone with no one on her side, she set her sight on being an independent woman, a super woman. Things were hard, even from afar one could see that she seemed like a person who was carrying the whole world on her shoulders. But she dared to be an exception and be different from the rest.

She sent application forms to various universities. Mind you, she had no idea where she will get the money to pay fees if she were to be accepted in any of the varsities. She decided to be clever, she sent out CVs from supermarkets to companies all around town. She did not have anything but she held on to hope and faith.

Temptations came in sprinting at a time where she was stranded but she did not barge. She believed she was going to hold her head up high one day when she had succeeded. She wrote in her diary;

” I  vow, no matter how tough the situation might be, I will never get money through taking my clothes off”

She set principles for herself and would not let anything stand in the way of her integrity and self-respect.

Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days, days into months and still there was nothing from the companies she had applied to. Time was flying and schools were two months from opening meaning that money was needed fast. Also to note is that she had not received the letter of acceptance from any varsity, but she had faith.

To raise the money which was going to be needed soon enough, she partnered with her friend in the buying and selling of clothes. Going to Botswana and also South Africa. To find capital was a bit of a struggle but against all odds it all worked out. Nothing was going to stop her in trying to educate herself and to see herself through in life.

As they say, good things come to those who wait and work hard. One good news came in conceiving another. She got a job and also received a letter that she had been accepted at varsity. Throughout her years there she did well in her studies and held her head up high in the struggles she came across because from them, she derived her strength. All this is now just a reminder of how strong she has become because of the circumstances she has faced in her life.

Going to school does not mean one has to sell their body or do wrong things. I Do not mean to be judgmental but the truth of the matter is that people have made it in their lives through doing things that they will not regret later on in life.

Life is hard everyone knows that, but it does not mean that it has to be rosy all the time. Going through hardships to go to college is just a passing phase that most people go through. However when one looks behind after the accomplishment of a degree it becomes the motivator and a testimony that will help the next person.