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By Leeandah

When you have a wound, after some time you expect it to heal and you start all over again. But then some wounds never heal they remain fresh and still bleed forever. People expect wounds to heal but some wounds never heal; only the beholder can understand that. Some can heal but the scar remains there to remind us of what happened.

The stabber does not warn you, no signs, no nothing. When it comes it does not stab you once, its rips you apart into pieces that when you feel like picking those pieces up you won’t be able to put yourself together. The suffering that one goes through when they are stabbed is indescribable, only the beholder of the wounds can understand that.

The wound bleeds every day, you cry but people cannot understand the pain you are going the through. Flashbacks of the day you were stabbed keep coming back. Flashbacks of how life was like before being attacked keep clouding your mind. The flashback make your day a miserable one and darker day.

When people see you out there, they think life is normal but deep inside you the wound is bleeding every day, the blood is gushing like a water gate that has been opened. Moving on with your life is very difficult as the wound will keep on dragging you down.

The stabber uses a sword to rip you apart into small pieces. People may come and help you put yourself together but there remains that part, that piece that they did not put back into your life. That hole cannot be filled by anyone or anything. That piece will always be identifiable by you and you alone

Death stabbed me unexpecteldy. It’s now a year and it still feels like 26 March 2016. Death stabbed me and the wound still feels fresh like 26 March 2016.

May her soul rest in peace #LinnahSign