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Online TV killing what used to be a dream?

By Andile Khumalo

So for all 90s kids I know that what I am about to say, kinda sorta sounds crazy, but let’s face it DSTV is in no longer the in thing, there are new babies in town cuter and one might even say better. Before you kill me you need to hear me out.

First lets go down memory lane to the turn of the millennium, Y2K as they called it the dream was to own a DSTV but it was one of those dreams that we knew was sorta possibly never gonna happen because whose mother was going to spend money on TV nonetheless it was the dream. Not that we were complaining, ZBC wasn’t that shabby, Amakorokoza, Studio 263, Estate Blues, Urban Grooves we were pretty locked in and life was good. Then they cut wrestling, I had to watch from my neighbors. the dream grew and even my own mother wanted it as ZBC took a dive. That’s how the love for DSTV came to be for us 90s babies, it was the heaven of TV we dreamed about and we finally got it end of the 00s and today it’s still one the most treasured.


So I understand how crazy I sound saying DSTV is over but it has to be said because Netflix, Showmax and Zim’s very own Kwese are here to end DSTV. So here are the facts the new babies are cheaper 75 DSTV premium compared to Netflix and Kwese’s $10 and $25. Watchable on the phone everywhere and anywhere compared to DSTV where you need an explorer for that which means an extra $200, call me crazy but numbers don’t lie and I have the receipts for it.

Our childhood dream is no longer the dream, the TV wars have gone rogue but at least it’s in our favour. This internet technology is the dream now and we cannot deny it is the future.

Until the next one, let’s moan the death of our childhood dream together on the comments below.