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Why are women so obsessed with bleaching?


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More and more women across the globe are so caught up in enhancing their looks as it seems light skin is the ‘true definition of beauty’ for some women.

Women are fixated in the cosmetic world because the whiter one is the more beautiful and confident one feels.

In order to attain that true definition of beauty women use skin lightening products which are also referred to as bleaching creams. These creams are used by dark skin people as a method to bleach naturally skin.

Generally, skin lighteners work by reducing melanin and dark skin individuals have more melanin. Melanin is a pigment produced by specialised cells called melanocytes

Most dark skin women are lightening their skin because they want to completely change their complexion. They want to go white and achieve a look where they can be recognised as light skin women.

Light skin black women are popularly referred to as Yellow-borne women and women believe the more yellow one is the better chances of getting attention from men.

“I want to be white be because the whiter I am, the more beautiful I feel and when you are yellow, chances of being noticed by men are also high,” said Women A.

She also added that bleaching boasts her confidence and makes her feel on top of the world.

Woman A is not the only women who turned to bleaching so as to boast her self-esteem, Women B also pointed out that she uses skin lighteners because she works who are light in complexion.

“I work with women who are light in complexion in order to fit in and be able to command and earn their respect i use skin lightening products,” she said.

Other women also stated that they like using bleaching creams because these creams help them attain an even tone skin as such they get to have beautiful facial looks.

I use these products because they help me get rid of roughness and dark patches on my skin, said woman C. Woman D added that bleaching creams help her to get achieve a spotless and flawless look.

However, what is of concern is that most of these women buy their bleaching creams from the black-market because they are cheap and a short cut for most women to attaining a perfect radiant look. This short cut has immediate and long-term side effects.

Some of the long-term implications for bleaching include premature aging, skin cancer.

Disadvantages of skin bleaching out weight the benefits because what is on the market these days are skin lighteners which have very bad side effects.  Some of the immediate effects are dark spots.

People should consider natural ways of bleaching the skin. The skin can be kept in a better condition by eating healthy, taking in a lot of water and also going for exfoliation where possible and also the use of lemon and lime.  This should help one have lighter skin without adverse side effects.