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Keeping on the loop or Crazy?


After a very stressful day with my school work, I open YouTube to watch some funny clips and refresh as we all do more we are allowed to, and boom on the trends is the new video for Run Up On You by Major Lazor featuring Nicki Minaj and PartyNextDoor. I click quickly click because it’s a summery hit electronic tinged dancehall beat which is sure to uplift me  from this bore I am experiencing. The video is set on a house party and ‘its hella turn up’ everything is popping and it seems normal till I notice one abnormality.

Everyone is on their phone.

You would think a party is the antidote to our smartphone addiction because there is everyone we are normally chattering with through day but not at all.  In the video they are partying the best way they know how but no one is only just dancing, because they snapping and uploading at the very same time.


This made ask myself one whether this is where we are now as humans?????? And so I started digging to see how crazy we’ve really become.  The first thing I type on Google is how many times do people touch their phone a day, presuming somewhere around a couple of hundred times as most of you are assuming right now. Am sorry to burst your bubble right but YOU are way past normalcy. I think the best word to use her is CRAZY.


According to multiple researches the ordinary smartphone owner touches their phone an average of 2 172 time in a single day. Practically we spend every minute on our phone which leaves no time for face to face interaction. The only solution there is to multi-task and Major Lazer are representing the best way possible to deal with this social problem.

With such figures are we even living any more??? Lets continue the discussion down below what do you figure should be the solution to this? #BanPhonesAtParties